Sunday, January 20, 2013

To Build a Home

I discovered Cinematic Orchestra's song To Build a Home today.  How?  Well, it was certainly a classic ADHD moment of mine...

  1. I opened my Google Reader
  2. I read over Kim Cofino's Diigo bookmarks and found a link to a Mashable article This is My Brain on YouTube
  3. After reading the article I sifted through and opened the hyperlinks, two of which were Reddit and Tumblr. 
  4. Reading through those links I then stumbled across an article about the 100 Most Beautiful Songs In the World According to Reddit.
  5. The play list was setup in Spotify so I opened up my account and began listening.
  6. The music was playing in the background while I was on Facebook
  7. The second song played and stopped me dead in my tracks.
  8. I googled To Build a Home and watched several versions.
  9. Then found this tutorial to learn how to play it on piano.

Other Links:

A pretty incredible live version
Here's Patrick Watson's version

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