Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dance Me to the End of Love

If you haven't read Elie Wiesel's book Night I would highly recommend it.  It's a deeply moving and intense book about one man's experience during the Holocaust.  Be prepared for a serious emotional ride.

I had been discussing Elie's story with a friend when he had suggested checking out Leonard Cohen's tune Dance Me to the End of Love which directly relates to the Holocaust.  Already a bit vulnerable, I gave Cohen's tune a listen and within seconds tears were falling.

Other Links
Here's an earlier version with an interview afterward.

To Build a Home

I discovered Cinematic Orchestra's song To Build a Home today.  How?  Well, it was certainly a classic ADHD moment of mine...

  1. I opened my Google Reader
  2. I read over Kim Cofino's Diigo bookmarks and found a link to a Mashable article This is My Brain on YouTube
  3. After reading the article I sifted through and opened the hyperlinks, two of which were Reddit and Tumblr. 
  4. Reading through those links I then stumbled across an article about the 100 Most Beautiful Songs In the World According to Reddit.
  5. The play list was setup in Spotify so I opened up my account and began listening.
  6. The music was playing in the background while I was on Facebook
  7. The second song played and stopped me dead in my tracks.
  8. I googled To Build a Home and watched several versions.
  9. Then found this tutorial to learn how to play it on piano.

Other Links:

A pretty incredible live version
Here's Patrick Watson's version

Monday, January 14, 2013

Hello Brother

Hello Brother,

A man wants to work for his pay.  A man wants a place in the sun.  A man wants a gal proud to say, that she'll become his lovin' wife.  He wants a chance to give his kids a better life, yes.  Well hello, hello, hello brother.

You can travel all around the world and back.  You can fly or sail or ride a railroad track, but no matter where you go you're gonna find that people have the same things on their mind.

Louis Armstrong

A Song for You

Sweet Jesus, why on Earth have I not heard of A Song for You before the age of 41?  I think I need to get out more.

It appears that this tune was written in the 70's by Leon Russell.  Since then it has been covered by dozens of artists but my personal favorites would be Donny Hathaway and Gavin DeGraw's versions.

Below is a pretty amazing version with Ray Charles performing at Willie's 70th Birthday Party which coincidentally was one of his last performances before he died.  The ending of this song grabs a hold and doesn't let go. Watch as Willie sheds a tear.

After a bit of searching I was able to find this video that got me started on how to be able play this master piece. Now to try and figure out how to sing this monster.

Here's the link for the pdf of the lyrics and chords that I created.  You can also click this link to get the Google Doc version where you can download and edit as needed.

Here is my humble version.

Baby Grand

I have been toying around with trying to learn Baby Grand by Billy Joel and Ray Charles and have stumbled across this very helpful instructional video.  Enjoy.

Here's Mr. Joel and Mr. Charles doin' their thang.